21 of the best US tour sites

21 of the best US tour sites

There are countless campgrounds made specifically for tent campers, RV campers, and even hikers…but what about hammock lovers? Struggling to choose the next place to hang the hammock? Never be afraid! We’ve rounded up 21 of the best hammock spots in the US for you to explore!

1. Sequoia National Park, California

First up is Sequoia National Park in California! This hanging sanctuary also happens to be the home of General Sherman’s Sequoia, the world’s largest tree. Hammock camping is allowed in this park and they offer plenty of exciting activities such as hiking, cave tours and birdwatching!

2. Kings Canyon National Park, California

Next on our list of hammock spots in the US is Kings Canyon! Kings Canyon and Sequoia are often grouped as if they were one park, seeing as they are located next to each other. In fact, if you are really ambitious, you can take a combo trip with it! Keep in mind that the crown jewel of these parks are their trees, and all hammock campers should prioritize the safety of tree dwellers. Most hammock campers recommend bringing some type of tree protector for their hammock.

3. Yosemite National Park, California

Another wonderful national park in California, Yosemite is a cart swing dream. The landscape is amazing and if you are a fan of waterfalls, this is the park for you. Camping is allowed in Hammock, although as with Sequoia and Kings Canyon they require protective cover for trees hit by a hammock, and you are not allowed to tie anything around the oak trees at all.

4. Joshua Tree National Park, California

California has a plethora of hammock spots in the US, and we can’t rule out Joshua Tree National Park! While it is forbidden to tie the swing to trees here, you are allowed to tie it around rocks or attach it with climbing spikes. Joshua Tree is a great place to go if you are looking for a desert-themed adventure.

5. Acadia National Park, Maine

When choosing the best hammock spots in the US, we can’t forget the Northeast! Acadia National Park in Maine is the perfect place to enjoy the rock-crowned coastline of the Northeast Atlantic, and although camping isn’t allowed in the countryside, you are allowed to use a hammock inside and near the campgrounds available in and near Acadia.

6. Ocala National Forest, Florida

Don’t wander too far from the Atlantic Ocean Because of our recommendations for hammock spots in the US, the Ocala National Forest in Florida almost doesn’t look real. Boasting clear turquoise waters and a myriad of wildlife species (including manatees!), you can’t go wrong when you decide to set up a hammock here.

7. Coopers Rock State Forest, West Virginia

West Virginia might not be the first place that comes to mind as a prime hammock destination, but you don’t want to miss the Coopers Rock State Forest! With 50 miles of hiking and biking trails, stunning valley views, and plenty of opportunities for rock climbing or cross-country skiing, this forest has something to suit everyone. It’s totally welcome for hammock campers – in fact, Rhododendron Campground is only  open for tent camping or hammock!

8. Zion National Park, Utah

Filled with sandstone cliffs and picturesque rivers to explore, Zion National Park can’t be counted for your next hammock trip. Hammock camping is welcome here, as is camping in the countryside. Make sure to bring rock climbing equipment with you!

9. Tahquamenon Falls State Park, Michigan

Michigan is filled with amazing camping destinations, and when it comes to hammocks, Tahkoaminon Falls has to be one of the best places to go. These beautiful waterfalls are unbeatable, and the park is especially gorgeous in the fall months, when all the trees change to the vibrant fall colors. Hammock camping is allowed here year-round, so if you’re ambitious enough to do some winter camping, this state park is the perfect place to choose!

10. Hocking Hills State Park, Ohio

The next park on our list of hammock spots in the US is Ohio’s hidden gem. Hocking Hills State Park feels like something straight out of a storybook, and the various caves, rock formations, and stunning waterfalls are unbeatable when it comes to hiking, backpacking, or hammock trips! However, if these are the waterfalls you will come to see, be sure to visit them in the spring. By summer, there is a risk that the water will dry up significantly.

11. Olympic National Park, Washington

Next on our list of hammock sites in the US is Olympic National Park! This mountain-lined national park is perfect for hikers and hammock enthusiasts alike, and even if you’re not a hiker, you can enjoy cruising on the untamed Pacific coast.

12. Glacier National Park, Montana

Glacier National Park is another destination for mountaineers. With over 700 miles of trails to hike, beautiful jewel-colored lakes, and plenty of waterfalls and stone valleys to enjoy, it’s no wonder here. Backcountry campers and hammock campers are welcome, but be careful! Once you set foot in this park, you are in bear country. Keep bear spray on your person and make sure all foods are properly secured.

13. Papago Park, Arizona

Unlike some of the other American swing places on this list, Papago Park is more on the modern side. While it still offers hiking, the most popular destination is Papago Park Butte Loop which takes you around the sandstone hills that make up much of the park, there are more modern attractions too. Papago Park contains both the Phoenix Zoo and the Desert Botanical Garden, so if you’re looking for a hammock while still getting a taste of civilization, consider Papago Park!

14. Zaleski State Forest, Ohio

Zaleski State Forest is a great place for backpackers, especially those who bring hammocks with them. This forest offers not only hiking but also a horse riding opportunity! However, some hammock camps do warn of crowds, so be prepared to share a little bit of your space if you go during a busy time of year.

15. Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

While Rocky Mountain National Park is absolutely stunning, it’s not for the faint of heart! As the name implies, it is mainly made up of mountainous terrain, which means altitude sickness is a danger, and avalanches often occur in the winter and spring months. However, if you are experienced in high altitude and backpacking, then you can definitely enjoy a great trip here. Backpack and hammock are welcome, but you’ll have to make reservations by filling out a wildlife permit.

16. Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

200 miles of hiking trails await at number 16 on our list of US hiking trails! Grand Teton National Park is another mountain destination with ample opportunity for skiing, hiking, and backpacking. However, if you are planning a backcountry camp here, you will need to make a reservation and apply for a permit before you arrive!

17. Travelers National Park, Minnesota

Voyageurs National Park is a wonderful mixture of water, cliffs, and forests that come together to be one of the best hammock spots in the United States. This park will also give you a chance to sleep under the Northern Lights – although your chances increase in the winter, when the days get shorter and the nights get longer. Peek at the Aurora Forecast a month or so before your trip to see how likely you are to catch a glimpse of these colorful natural night lights!

18. Biscayne National Park, Florida

There is no better place to enjoy the beauty of Florida than in the Florida Keys, and there is no better place for camping in the Keys than in Biscayne National Park! Between coral reefs, protected mangrove swamps, the chance to catch a glimpse of endangered wildlife, and the option to snorkel after a shipwreck, you will never be bored at this island park. The Biscayne National Park camping experience is one of a kind!

19. Assateague Island National Seashore، Maryland

For those who love being close to the local wildlife, you can’t do anything better than the Assateague National Seashore. Although interaction with wild horses on the island is strictly prohibited, it is great to get along with these graceful and graceful animals. These are the same horses that inspired the famous book “Misty of Chincoteague”, and a hammock trip to this island will give you a chance to immerse yourself in the world of childhood stories!

20. Big Bend National Park, Texas

Big Bend National Park is home to some amazing wildlife and plants. You will find many unique species of cacti, birds, reptiles and all kinds of plants and other creatures that live within this park. There are sand dunes, hiking trails to wander around, plenty of opportunities for backpackers, and a camp hammock to set up camp. However, make sure you’re prepared for the Texas heat!

21. Aguirre Springs, New Mexico

Last but not least on our list of the best hammock spots in the US is Aguirre Springs in New Mexico! This destination is a perfect blend of mountains and desert, and is located next to White Sands National Park, known for harboring the largest gypsum field in the world! Whether you stick to Aguirre Springs or wander a little beyond its borders, you are sure to find all kinds of stunning scenery to view while hanging out in a hammock.

Final thoughts on the best hammock sites in the US

No matter where you choose to head off on your next hammock adventure, you can’t go wrong with these 21 hammock sites in the US! Did we miss any of your favorite hammock spots? Are you discovering any of your favorites on this list? Let us know in the comments!

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