seven falls

seven falls


Everything you ever wanted to know about the seven waterfalls of Puncak

you want to know about Seven Punchak Waterfalls
Seven Punchak Waterfalls, or as they are called in Indonesian (Curug Cilember), one of the most famous water attractions in Indonesia that attracts hundreds of tourists every year, these waterfalls vary in height And the height of the highest waterfall is estimated at about 40 m. It should be noted that seven waterfalls are located in the Punchak region, at an altitude of 900 m above sea level, on an area of ​​70,000 square meters. square meters, surrounded by a pine forest.[ 1 ]

seven falls
seven falls

It should be noted that the source of the seven waterfalls; The first, because it branches beyond the main source into 7 waterfalls, each of which has a special mouth and channel, since the seven waterfalls are named according to their serial number and location.


It should be noted that waterfall number 7 is one of the most favorite among visitors due to its location near the main entrance and easy access, while waterfalls 4 and 1 are difficult to access, but there access is a great adventure, and much more . information about the seven waterfalls of Puncak is as follows: [2]

7 gutters

Entrance ticket price

The entrance ticket to the Seven Falls of Punchak for locals is $1.7, while the entrance ticket for tourists is about $5. It should be noted that the ticket price includes access to the seven waterfalls and the use of amenities. , and the prices for additional tickets to the area of ​​the seven Punchak waterfalls are as follows:[ 1]


Ticket Type for Various Events Near Seven Falls
Average Ticket Price
Pre-Wedding Photo
Citizens Utilities
Student Utilities
Camping (6-person tent)
Camping (3-person tent)
Various games
Visiting hobbit houses (dwarf houses)

seven falls
seven falls

bitter de nohngitian

Visiting time and how to get there

The seven waterfalls of Punchak can be visited daily from 8:00 to 21:30. It should be noted that tourists or citizens cannot visit the falls on any day of the week due to closures or holidays, as there may be presence from Monday to Sunday in the area of ​​the falls and camp there.[3]


The seven waterfalls of Puncak in Indonesia can be reached by private car or public transportation. If you are using a private vehicle, you must follow the Depok Highway towards Jakarta, Bogor, then follow the signs for Kedai Sat (H.Kadir) indicating the location.[3]


In the case of using public transport, you must first use vehicles from Jakarta to Bogor, drive to Bubulak-Sukasari, and then ride motorcycles to the village of Tsilember to get to the place [3].


What to do when visiting a waterfall

During your stay in the Seven Waterfalls area of ​​Puncak, you can engage in many activities, the most important of which are mentioned below: [4]


Visit the Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Park is located 10 minutes from the main entrance of Seven Falls, which is domed with a glass entrance and covers an area of ​​500 square meters. It is worth noting that the garden has many famous plants and butterfly species unique to this park.

seven waterfalls hike

Walk through the pine forests

You can have a unique experience when you get to the Seven Falls area, as you can walk through the pine forests, some of which are centuries old, as well as enjoy the variety of tropical vegetation in the area. that when going on an adventure of wandering through the pine forests, attention and development of a spirit of adventure and trial is required in order to avoid certain difficulties when traveling on foot.

seven falls
seven falls


You can enjoy a wonderful camping adventure when you get to Punchik Seven Falls in 3 base areas: Kurug Seven Camp, Kurug Lima Camp, and Fern Valley Camp, for an average price of $2 per person. . [3]


Accommodation in wooden houses

Several log cabins can be rented in the Seven Falls area, which allows local visitors or tourists to stay longer in the area to enjoy and have a wonderful natural experience, because while staying in these cabins, one can enjoy the sounds of the falls and relax.[3]


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