longest river in the world

longest river in the world


Information about the longest river in the United States of America,

tourist attractions and places


Information about the longest river in the United States of America
The Missouri River, or the Missouri River, is the longest river in the United States of America; With a total length of 3768 km, it is longer than the main river from which the Missouri River branches.

It is the Mississippi River, the second longest river in the United States of America, [1] The Missouri River begins in the Rocky Mountains southwest of Montana, where the headwaters of the Jefferson, Madison, and Gallatin rivers meet to form the Missouri River near the city of Three Forks, and the river passes through several cities until it meets the Mississippi River North of the city of St. Louis in the state of Missouri, and among the most important cities that the Missouri River passes through are the following: [2]

City of Great Falls in the state of Montana.
Sioux City in Iowa.
Kansas City in the state of Kansas.
Jefferson City is the capital of Missouri.

Missouri River climate

longest river in the world
longest river in the world

The Missouri River Basin is characterized by a continental climate with very cold winters, and warm and humid summers with a temperature of 37.7 degrees Celsius, with the exception of the regions of Wyoming, Montana and Colorado where the temperature reaches 46 degrees Celsius, and most of the watersheds in the Missouri River receive 254 mm of rain

However, the southeastern regions of the basin, and the western part of the Rocky Mountains, may receive up to 1,016 mm of precipitation.[3]

longest river

Recreational activities provided by the Missouri River for visitors

Missouri River visitors can spend an enjoyable time and practice many activities, including the following:


 The river’s ecosystem attracts many birds, including the vulture that can be seen in the area of ​​Rundle Dam, Gavins Point Dam, and Carl E. Mundt National Wildlife Refuge, as well as many endangered birds such as the shady plover and lesser tern.


longest river in the world
longest river in the world

Visitors to the National Recreation Park in Missouri can take boat rides to enjoy the charming views, fishing, and water skiing. It is advised to look at the boating regulations in Nebraska and South Dakota before boarding the boat .


Missouri River visitors can camp at several parks, subject to conditions

Public safety.Canoeing and kayaking: Visitors can explore the river using canoes and kayaks, in which case it is recommended to wear

life jacket

Buy insect repellent, bring a sufficient amount of drinking water, use sunscreen, and sunglasses.

And a wide-brimmed hat.
Walking and Biking: Many of the towns that the Missouri River runs through offer dedicated hiking and biking trails


Among them are the trails of Yankton in North Dakota, which are 64 km long, and the trails of Clay County Park, which includes a path that ends with a lookout point for the Missouri River.


Many visitors to the Missouri River fish near Springfield and Niobrara, with great and smallmouth bass in May, June, September and October, crab and northern pike in early April and late summer and catfish in late summer. June to August.[9]


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