road trip

road trip


road trip
road trip

During the New Year holidays, many people plan to go home to visit their families or travel to other provinces to relax. By driving a private car which is a time when a lot of people are traveling and there is a relatively high risk of accidents.
Therefore, drivers should be more careful. So how do you prepare for a safe trip? Jay Mart Insurance  I would suggest the following.

Making sure to check the readiness of the vehicle is something that should be done on a regular basis. Especially when traveling long distances, whether it is a battery, water system and various fluids, engine oil, brake fluid, brake system, lighting system, various lights, suspension, wheels and tires, tire tread, tire pressure, etc. That it can function normally to take us to our destination safely


2. Prepare your body

The car is ready, the driver must be ready too. It is recommended to get enough sleep. Refrain from alcoholic beverages before driving. It affects driving performance which is the main cause of accidents during the festive season. In addition, the people they ride with must be aware and willing to help increase each other’s safety


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3. Prepare travel plans

I don’t want to get lost or wander around wasting my time. It is advisable to study the way to go in advance. Especially for those who plan to stop over or travel to many destinations.  With the ability to draw up a rough plan, decide where to go. Anytime and don’t forget! Set up some backup plans. If the plan cannot be realized at all there will be other options that save time. It can also reduce the chance of accidents caused by confusion. or various errors


4. Prepare your luggage

Before leaving, you should prepare necessary items such as gifts, souvenirs, clothes and other items that you need to use and that may be stored in the vehicle before the day of travel. There will be some time left to check if you forgot something. So you don’t have to travel back and forth to waste time and lose mobile

5. Don’t let it roll.

On the day of travel, if there are trivial items that will be required during the trip, such as hand luggage, mobile phones, tissue paper, bottles of drinking water or food, everything must be arranged before departure. If there is a drinking bottle, it should be placed in the water bottle compartment. to prevent it from rolling over especially on the driver’s side. Because it could cause an accident. And you should not eat while driving. It is recommended to stop in a safe place to eat.   

road trip
road trip


6. Buckle up.

Wearing a seat belt isn’t just for the driver. But also for the people sitting in the side and back seats also because in case of any unexpected accident, wearing a seat belt can save everyone’s life or reduce its severity. Everyone in the car is required to fasten seat belts every time they travel. Whether near or far because accidents can always happen.


7. Be considerate and strictly follow traffic rules.

Drive safely with peace of mind in every way by strictly following traffic rules, such as using speeds not exceeding the law. Help reduce the risk of accidents on the road. For both our car and other car partners including don’t forget to give mercy to fellow travelers. Because during festival sometimes heavy traffic may cause inconvenience. But if everyone respects the traffic rules and is nice to each other in addition to helping reduce the chance of an accident it also makes for a pleasant journey too.

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8. Don’t drink and drive

Of course, the New Year is a time for celebration. But if you have to drive, be it near or far, you should refrain from drinking alcohol. Or if you have to stop to meet friends while traveling it may be inevitable to have a fun party. Therefore, you must stop driving. They may choose to stay overnight before starting to drive to their next destination. Or let someone who doesn’t drink drive their car instead. for safety  


9. Don’t drive drowsy

While driving, if you feel tired or drowsy, you should not continue driving because of the risk of falling asleep . Park your car, wash your face, or take a nap. In general, long-distance drivers should take a break every two hours to rest the vehicle and relieve driver fatigue. But if you feel very sleepy, you should stop immediately without having to wait 2 hours by choosing a place. Or a safe point including a sleeping room but do not start the engine, turn on the air conditioner, sleeping in the car is strictly prohibited.    


10. Driving without chatting

Driving, refraining from responding to conversations, but in case of necessity, may help the person sitting with him talking on the phone. Or type help to reply to the chat. Drivers need to focus, drive carefully and reach their destination safely because just a split second distracted from driving can cause an accident.


How keen are you prepared? But unexpected events on the road can happen at any time. So , before you drive in this new year. You must add peace of mind when traveling as  the car insurance from  Jaymart Insurance  which includes emergency roadside assistance services can report the accident 24 hours, plus it comes quickly within 30 minutes as well.

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