international travel tips

international travel tips


5 tips for traveling in the new normal

     Traveling in the era of  COVID-19  , how do you make people confident and want to travel again? We have  5 travel tips  from  that will share good advice. It will help keep everyone safe while on vacation in this new normal or  new normal era

1. Choose a destination based on safety.

international travel tips
international travel tips

          Who will go out and where to go should update the news and situation in each area of ​​the destination that you want to visit before and during the trip. Which in the current situation small group travel with own car, is a more suitable option if safety is the main consideration. The destination that can be driven is a choice that we must prioritize. above other popular destinations

         Take this opportunity to escape the crowds and visit lesser-known destinations. You might even discover a private attraction just a few hours away from your home.

2. Taking additional leave or changing the atmosphere of the working day in a “Workation” manner.

     Always leave early to avoid long weekend traffic. Even if you travel by plane, you should arrive at the airport earlier than usual to allow time for further medical examinations. Consider taking an extra day off before or after the long weekend to avoid crowds.


     For people who can work from home, now is the time to enjoy the perks and experience travel to the fullest. Changing the atmosphere of the working day, consider booking a stay on the island or in the middle of nature in the countryside. And working in this residence where you can enjoy a more refreshing work environment and be more part of nature than ever before. Working in a new environment surrounded by nature increases work efficiency and creates happiness at the same time.

3. Choose the most valuable accommodation.

       Choosing where to stay is especially important during this time. To avoid meeting large numbers of people, you should also consider choosing an accommodation that best meets all your needs, such as choosing a place complete with amenities and activities. Accommodation that comes with beautiful views. Or stay in a romantic setting Try a new type of accommodation. With space for you to relax more freely 

       Such as residences in a pool villa beach  bungalow or mountain resort which from COVID-19 cause hotels and various accommodations to reduce prices on social media and if you choose the residence that joins the project we travel together you will save up to 40%  of the money in Your pocket because the government helps you pay. to encourage tourism

4. Safety First Safety First

      Wearing a face mask in public is already normal for Thais. But don’t forget to bring alcohol gel, disinfecting wipes, and a thermometer. Take personal medications with you on every trip. Try to reduce the risk of infection by stopping on the road. Avoid eating at popular hangouts, and also check the opening hours of the venues. Because some places have time restrictions on opening and closing and the number of users at a time

5. Choose to do outdoor activities outside the building.

international travel tips
international travel tips

      It’s easier to keep a distance than it is outdoors or outdoors. Because of Thailand’s tropical climate with sunshine and wind blowing all year round. As a result, the outer regions are less susceptible to infection than the inner regions. Fortunately, Thailand has many outdoor activities for tourists to choose from. Be it relaxing on the beach, diving or enjoying the hiking trails in the national parks. Including extreme activities like zip lines, ATV riding, and rock climbing.


      When going out to travel again, we should always be mindful and think about the fit throughout the journey. Including practicing and reviewing various safety measures to protect yourself and the people around you Everyone travel safely and enjoy fun holidays.

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