A beginner in camping  Things to know about camping  How do you prepare yourself before you go out to pitch a tent?

          The camping-style travel trend is going strong. Various tent sites popped up  like mushrooms.  To meet the needs of people who want to relax from exhausting work to physical therapy. By setting up a tent near the forest during free days, and for anyone who is a beginner who wants to go camping but does not know where to start, what equipment should I bring? Today we have something to know, precautions and etiquette to follow. For those considering wanting to pitch a tent together


1. Prepare your equipment

          Thinking of going camping, you must have all the equipment ready. What will be there ? Let’s start from the most important part, down to the different props that may or may not be there. But if only there was more flavor and a sense of camping to be more lively, incl

  • Tents  are essential items for camping. It is said that if a tent is missing, it is not camping at all. At present, there are many types of tents to choose from, spring type, single-pack, and double-pack, which differ in both the materials used to make the tent fabric. Structures, sizes, weights and prices are different, so before choosing to buy a camping tent, you must choose the right tent for use, for example choosing from waterproof and rainproof materials. The structure is strong, lightweight and easy to spread and when fully deployed there is good ventilation. Including choosing a size that works for the number of members and at an accessible price as well

  • The ground sheet and fly sheet protect  the tent from moisture from the ground, dew or rain . Which will help preserve the tent fabric and extend its lifespan for a longer use. Including easy cleaning as well
  • Anchors, anchor hammers, ropes, and spare parts,  although most commercial tent kits usually come with these items. But there should be 1-2 more sets back up for safety and discretion. You should choose a strong hook that is suitable for the size of your tent.

  • Bedding set  , whether it is a sleeping bag, must be chosen to prevent cold and warm the body well. Wide range of sleeping pads whether inflatable, foam, foam rubber or auto-inflating. And pillows, whether inflatable or memory foam, which are healthy pillows for a more comfortable sleep
  • camping tips

  • Various lighting devices  such as lanterns, which are available in both portable and rechargeable but low-brightness LED lights. And gas or white gasoline provides high brightness and lasts longer. It can be left open all night. Another indispensable accessory for camping is a head lamp, as it is very suitable for activities such as cooking, taking a shower, or going to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Also included are tent lights with hooks for mounting on tent poles, and LED rail lights provide illumination. And a small portable flashlight too.
  • Plug in trailers and various backup power sources or power banks   because national parks or most camping areas don’t often have electricity. Or if there is a central light that is not attached to the tent for that, it is advised to prepare a power socket of modest length as well. Including a power bank to charge mobile phones and LED lights or lights that can also be charged with a USB cable.

  • Various kitchen equipment  , although there are shops selling food and drinks in some camping areas. To make camping easier But it is undeniable that being able to light a field stove, prepare a pan and cook yourself or even boil water to make an aromatic coffee to drink in the morning adds to the enjoyment of camping to make it more enjoyable. Including it being an activity where members spend their time together.


          For kitchen equipment should be chosen according to the purpose  adaptable, lightweight and easy to carry mainly eg pots or pans. A deep bottom should be chosen because a variety of foods can be cooked. No need to change, move or move back and forth. Use a ladle instead of a spoon because it can be used for stir-frying and boiling, you should choose the right size of knife and cutting board. Not too small or too big There are also other outdoor cooking tools such as gas stoves for picnics. Plates – paper bowls, spoons – forks, cups, buckets for water use Spare gas can, grill, coffee pot, pot holder, ice bucket, blowtorch and laundry equipment as well.

  • Personal items  such as clothing, toiletries, toilet paper, and medication. and mosquito repellent
  • Outdoor table or chair or trolley for transporting things. This, if anyone thinks it’s not necessary, can skip it. Because if there is, it will greatly facilitate camping. Which should choose a model that is powerful, easy to carry and convenient to use as the main priority

2. Choose a place to pitch a tent.

          For camping beginners don’t be brave enough to pitch a tent in a very difficult place. Due to lack of experience he may be so busy that he does not want to go camping again. Therefore, it is best to choose to go camping or on a property that has a camping yard service. Because everything necessary will be prepared. Whether it is electricity, bathrooms, shower rooms, or some places that have food for sale. You don’t have to do it yourself. Nowadays, there are many camping areas that are open to service. Normal tourists can choose as they like. Whether you are camping in the river bank area near Bangkok like  Nakhon Nayok or  Saraburi or  in the mountainous area go to  Kanchanaburi or  Ratchaburi or if you want to experience the cool wind. Sleep watching the stars in the night morning mist can head north to chiang mai or Nan  or Chiang Rai

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3. Reserve a camping space

          When you prepare the tent equipment and get a camping spot, you can go camping. Which should definitely be checked if a reservation is required or not. Because in many national parks, registration may be required to take up space to pitch a tent. Or there is a section dedicated to setting up tents. But for a privately owned patio or on a resort, you can choose to spread out however you like. No need to book in advance. But it may require the sensitivity of the kind that would be called good people. If you book early, you’ll be in an area with a nice view. Able to see the whole nature without any other tents blocking the beautiful view

4. For beginners pitching tents, use caution.


          In the overnight camp whether in the national park or various tent sites, safety should be a priority. The following are the precautions to be taken as follows:

  • You should choose an open camping area that does not pitch your tent near large trees or dead trees. Because there may be strong winds that can cause dry branches to fall and crash into the tent, causing danger.
  • Choose an area where water will not flow. Including not pitching a tent near a stream or pan basin area. To avoid floods or strong currents at night
  • Before pitching a tent, the area should be thoroughly checked for insects. Reptiles or poisonous animals in that area or not if you find one, consider that there may be a nest for them here. It must be replaced or moved quickly.
  • Sweep and clean the area before you start pitching the tent.
  • Use the anchors to secure the tent to the ground.
  • By placing an anchor at a diagonal angle of 45 degrees, because some areas are designated for tents,
  • especially on the mountain or hill, there are often strong winds, which may damage the tent
  • Do not bring lanterns, candles, stoves, or smoke inside the tent. Because the tent fabric is made of easily flammable fabric. Burning a fire draws oxygen from the air in the tent. Instead, releasing carbon dioxide, which is dangerous for the people in the tent


5. The etiquette of setting up a tent must be followed.

          It is normal that in one camping place, there must be more than one family or group of friends to relax together. Therefore, the most important things that you must possess when going camping are manners and respect for others, including
  • Do not make loud noises during 06:00-22:00, as this is considered a relaxation time. Even if you don’t feel sleepy yet or want to sleep. But be considerate of the tent neighbors because they may be tired and need a quiet rest.
  • Privacy is important You should not walk intrusively or shine a flashlight entering a tent or another person’s area
  • Keep the camp clean. Clean up leftover food and rubbish before entering the tent. Tighten the mouth of the bag tightly and completely. Then take it to a designated waste disposal point. To prevent animals from digging into the sheep so that it becomes dirty and messy
  • Take close care of your children and pets. For safety and not to disturb others
  • The etiquette of setting up

  • Take care of the firewood, do not move the starting point of the fire. Including do not set fire to the tent either and make sure that the fire is completely extinguished.
  • Who is the drinker If you like to sip cold drinks in the middle of nature to relax your body, you can do it. But it should be in the right amount. Not much to disturb others
  • You must strictly follow the rules of the national park or camping area.

          Who thinks outside the box Going out on an overnight trip but don’t want to sleep in a rectangular room in a resort hotel, try to change the atmosphere to camping close to nature. It’s easy to get started, you just need to prepare the equipment that suits you. Then invite your family or a group of friends to have fun.

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