preparing for international travel

preparing for international travel


Check out our list of things you must be prepared for when traveling abroad.

Compare personal accident insurance

Time to travel abroad in addition to preparing important documents such as  passport work,   applying for a visa, preparing for international travel, and booking cheap airline ticketsAlready, friends need to pack their bags, too. And in order not to forget yourself, especially those who are new to travel, let’s try to check the list of things that you should be prepared for when traveling abroad. How will your trip not be interrupted?

preparing for international travel
preparing for international travel

1. Passport

The first thing you need to prepare for traveling abroad  is  your passport or passport. Because the staff will check the identity of the tourists access the entry records at all times especially if any country is not visa free either. You must have a valid visa stamp. I repeat! Do not forget to carry your passport with you. It is recommended to keep it in a waterproof bag to prevent forgetting. It also helps keep the passport from getting damaged as well.

2.  ID card

Even if you already have a passport, you must carry your identity card with you.  Because the officer may ask to check your identity card including the international driver’s license (if any). Do not forget that on the way home even before boarding the plane we are still in Thailand. There might be something going on and you need to use your ID.

3. Air ticket

Later we shall  prepare your plane tickets  , and once you arrive at the airport, you can check-in in advance. For those who don’t have a plane ticket yet,  Frank recommends booking plane tickets at least a month in advance    to get the cheapest plane tickets. And the best value and most importantly, we must not forget to check carefully at the gate where we are going to board the plane. where are you sitting?

4. Hotel reservation documents

Want to go abroad, how can you not have a place to stay?! In addition to being proof of your residence it can also be shown to the inspector also Suppose if you are walking through immigration or immigration express  the staff will ask to see your accommodation reservation documents such as    where you live, city, hotel name, etc. 

5. Travel insurance

Just getting out of the house is risky. Don’t forget to purchase travel insurance for your peace of mind. In the event of injury or discomfort someone will be there to help share the cost of treatment with you. You don’t have to put money in your pocket! Plus some visa countries require travel insurance before you can apply for a visa ,    so you try to compare premiums. And check the coverage amount  travel insurance   with first. Some packages are also suitable for applying for a visa.

6. Cash

No matter which country you travel to,  you should carry cash with you. But we have to check carefully where the destination is. Because some countries use different currencies.  Even if he goes abroad later we may not get the exchange rate is not worth it, so it is better to prepare money first
*** but we should not carry too much cash with us. Otherwise, when you go through immigration or immigration, you will immediately become a suspect. Prepare better in moderation

7. Credit or debit card

If you don’t want to carry a lot of cash with you. It can be carried as a credit or debit card as well.   When traveling anywhere, you will not have to doubt. Or you are afraid that the money will be lost and it is important for the shopping to be pleasant. We can also use credit cards to swipe separately.  

8. Mobile phone or smartphone

Wherever you go, you need a mobile phone. If not, I will not post pretty pictures. To show off to friends in social media of course  but we also don’t forget to prepare a mobile SIM card. And the Internet to communicate as well    or anyone interested in communication  is recommended to download the translation app! Available for immediate use as Google Translate, Microsoft Translator, Scan & Translate,  Speak & Translate, etc.  

9. Map

If anyone is traveling with a tour group they won’t have to worry too much. Because there is already a guide to take you all around the place but some people who travel alone love the beginners to travel You  should carry a map with sticks in hand so you don’t miss seeing the beautiful places  or even get lost so you can open the map and read it make sure its easy to understand.

10. Personal medications

Before you pack  , don’t forget to carry your personal medications with you.   In case of illness during the trip it will certainly be fun. The more often you travel during inclement weather. We may not be able to adjust in time. It is advisable to take a small batch of pills. It is enough to reassure first, such as analgesics, antihistamines, nasal decongestants, antipyretic drugs, antidiarrheal drugs, motion sickness drugs, balsam inhalers, or if you have a congenital disease, you must also prepare certain medications. Because health is important

11. First aid kit

After preparing personal medications,  you should prepare  a first aid kit or first aid kit in your bag as well. It’s time to travel to different places there may be an unexpected accident. Especially if there is no health center or hospital near you. Basic first aid is a great way to heal from injuries.

12. Clothes

When choosing clothes to wear outside,  friends have to check the weather first. Suppose you are going to travel in the summer. We must prepare it as cotton. Or a regular shirt but if you are traveling during the winter season, you may need to pack some thing like coats, coats, sweaters, knitwear, scarves, etc. This one can be chosen as you like.
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13. Socks and gloves

When we travel to countries with very cold weather. It even became impossible to move around  if you had socks and gloves to help. You may be able to warm up to a certain extent,    such as socks and mittens made of yarn. Or use a special thick cloth It is especially suitable for cold people. The more people who plan to come skiing definitely can’t miss it!

14. Sneakers

If you have socks, you must have shoes! Consider as a pair Frank recommends a pair of sneakers or sneakers. In case you want to change the other end if it gets damaged or torn  it will help make your journey uninterrupted. For those who go abroad in the snowy season, you should choose waterproof shoes. And they have snow slippers too

15. A small folding umbrella

Many people travel during the rainy season or when it snows  you might want to bring an umbrella but I’m afraid the airline won’t allow me to bring it on the plane.   This must be said first that it depends on the rules of each airline. If you really want to carry an umbrella, it’s best to carry a small folding umbrella. To avoid any restrictions, carry it in a bag in the passenger compartment instead.

16. Personal effects

In addition, we have to  make a list of things for traveling abroad. “Personal items”  too, such as: toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, facial cleansing foam, cosmetics, towels,  all of which are daily necessities.   Let’s prepare separately another small sachet for ease of use.
** Caution before boarding the plane  is that the liquid should be packed in a container of less than 100ml only.

17.  Transformer

Definitely visiting a foreign country different plugs must not be the same may not work with them  electronics  enjoy  a good way, we should carry a plug adapter first for peace of mind.   Best if you have a variety of plugs. We will be able to connect to other sockets around the world.

18. The camera

Suitable for young men and women who like to take photos. It can carry a small camera that can be put in the bag,  which will allow us to take beautiful pictures more clearly, and satisfy  the preparation of things for traveling abroad  , although it needs to be packed together a little.

19. Devices that charge batteries

For devices that charge different batteries it is advisable to prepare just in case. Suppose we accidentally take a photo from our mobile phone for a long time. Then the battery runs out. We will be able to use the device immediately charging the battery. Or someone with a small power bank is better. Because the mobile phone battery can be charged easily
***  Precautions before carrying a power bank on the plane  If in no case is it allowed to bring a capacity of more than 32000 mAh on the plane. But if the capacity is 20,000 – 32,000 mAh, then no more than 2 batteries can be brought, and in the case of less than 20,000 mAh, an unlimited number can be brought on board. This includes the prohibition of loading luggage under the machine. Carry it in your carry-on bag only.

20. Data Diary

After  preparing the goods outside,  you can also put a notebook in your pocket.  To write down important information such as the emergency number, travel diary, your flight plan, in case the airport staff wanted to ask, What are you doing here? Where do you plan to travel? You will have a smooth explanation! And most importantly, don’t forget to carry a pen to use as well.

All of these will be  a checklist  for preparing items for traveling abroad virtually. Frank recommends checking your luggage again before you leave.   In case anyone had other essentials they were able to arrange extra luggage. Or if anyone forgot what was already captured let’s tick the box. In order not to get lost, do not forget!
Most importantly, don’t forget to look for  travel insurance  to help protect you along the journey. It doesn’t matter how far and near you travel. Don’t worry, just let takes care of you.

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