99 fun camping activities and games to enjoy outdoors 

99 fun camping activities and games to enjoy outdoors 

you succses! You are in the great outdoors. The tent is erected and arranged, a fire is lit and suddenly you hear the horrible “I’m bored”.

For some people, you don’t need a list of things to do while camping, regular camping activities make you feel completely satisfied. Everything from planning your meals and packing your gear before you leave, to getting everything ready at the camp site and sitting around the fire. You might even get some hiking and sightseeing!

But have you ever been bored at your camp site, unable to think of anything to do? After roasting the third sable, you may be looking for something new to try.

We have compiled a huge list of fun camping games, activities and adventures that you can enjoy no matter where or who you are camping with.

Jump straight to the activities:

Find out what your camp has to offer

Many private campgrounds offer everything from daily events and activities to a list of local places to have some fun. Call the campground in advance, check their website, or stop by the office to see what they have to offer.

Some campgrounds will have maps of local picnic areas, boat or kayak rentals for a day on the lake, or even seasonal events like fireworks displays and hayrides.

Check the area 

If you are camping in a general campground or scattered camping area, it may be up to you to find the local fun. Do an online search for parks and recreation wherever you plan to stay to find local picnic and hunting areas.

Find other places like your pick farms and plan a picnic. Or find a local beach that allows bonfires to alter your nightly campfire routine.

What do you want to bring?

Part of planning your activities in advance means making sure you have all the right clothing and gear. If you are going fishing, you will want to make sure to bring your own gear. It’s also good to know if you need a permit or not.

If you’re planning on hiking during the day, it’s important to know how long or hard it takes and the weather you might encounter along the way. This will help you pack the appropriate layers of clothing and make sure you bring enough food and water.

If you plan on doing activities with your kids like making natural handicrafts, there are some materials that you can find right at your camp site. But other things may need to be bought or brought from home.

If you plan to camp at a private campground, don’t always assume that their camp store will have the provisions you need for your planned activities.

You have a backup

Sometimes you have a nice weekend or even a whole week for your camping trip. But you are more likely to end up with a day when the weather doesn’t cooperate with your plans.

In such cases, it is important to have a backup plan so that you are not stuck in your tent or car in a rainstorm all day. Or you desperately search for a local water well in a heat wave.

Although your heart is set to fishing, it pays to take up an alternative camping activity when you find the lake has closed due to an algal bloom. Your friends, family, and Plan B will thank you because they won’t be sitting at the camp site and playing their thumbs.

Do your friends prefer to go hiking or fishing? If you have kids, will they be okay for a long walk?

It is important to think about the people you will be camping with. If you are camping with a group of normally active adults, they may not be interested in paddling around a pool in a canoe. The steepest hike may be right up their alley.

If your group is more relaxed, you may not want to take them on a bike day trip around the camping area. They may prefer to play some games around the campfire.

Camping with kids can always be an added challenge as they look to you to help them explore and adventure in the great outdoors. But there are plenty of activities designed with kids in mind that will keep them laughing and having hours of fun.

If you have children with you, it is important to assess their interests, abilities, and comfort levels. Some kids who are used to camping and hiking may enjoy taking long walks through the woods to look for wildflowers and acorns. But others who are new to outdoor play may prefer playing games or reading in a hammock.

Some activities may be too difficult or too long for younger children’s energy levels and attention span.

It can be difficult to find an activity that works for everyone in your group. But finding the right camping activities for your friends and family will make the trip more fun for everyone. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Camping with children brings out the child in everyone. Your family will learn to appreciate nature and develop a love for the outdoors. Since your kids will be leaving their toys, games, and home comforts behind, it is important to help them learn some ways to keep themselves entertained while camping.

Some of the best camping activities for kids are those that use their natural surroundings and their imagination. Choose an age-appropriate activity for your children with you. Older children may like climbing trees or doing geocaching, while younger children may prefer collecting leaves and sticks or doing crafts.

Planning ahead is also very important when you have kids camping with you. Some activities do not require any preparation. But some, especially crafts, may require paint brushes, buckets, prints, or some instructions.

Here is a list of ideas to get your kids to explore their next camping trip.

This is also an excellent opportunity to teach children of all ages how to help set up and clean up at your camp site. All children, from toddlers to teens, enjoy having a job to do. Just like adults, it gives them a sense of accomplishment, pride, and a sense of having contributed.

Little ones may want to be your helper by collecting sticks and leaves to make a fire. Older children may enjoy having a project of their own, such as making sure all rocks and debris are moved away from the tent site or, depending on skill level, setting up the tent on their own or under supervision.

It’s also an opportunity to teach them realistic camping and survival skills like hanging a bear bag, building a small bag or collecting and filtering water.

Some of the most rewarding camping activities are the ones that keep you active. There are many opportunities to build muscle, burn calories, and increase cardiovascular endurance. You can enjoy sports like kayaking and cycling. Or regular activities that raise your heart rate like chopping wood for a campfire.

A lot of the activities really depend on where you are. If you’re camping at the beach, running on the sand, swimming, kayaking, or playing a game of volleyball will help you sweat. You can often find activities nearby such as rope courses or rock climbing centers in mountainous areas. This will all depend on your level of fitness and the amount of exercise you are interested in. Even a nice walk around the lake in the morning is a great way to keep yourself active.

Whether you’re trying to stick to a fitness routine or just want to keep your movement moving, these camping activities will keep you in shape and on the go.

  • walking tour
  • backpacks
  • Cycling
  • running trail
  • yoga
  • rowing
  • rowing
  • wood chopping
  • tight rope
  • tree climbing
  • swimming
  • beach volleyball
  • ropes of course
  • Rock Climbing/Boulding

Outside in the wilderness, or even at the nearest public camping spot, the lights are rarely as accessible as they are at home. But there are still plenty of fun camping activities to keep us entertained even after the sun goes down.

Night darkness adds to the fun and excitement of games like Manhunt and Capture the Flag.

You can put on a stargazing cap and try to spot falling stars, satellites or the space station. Mobile applications such as Google Sky Map can be very useful when determining constellations. Or you can bring a telescope for a closer look.

If you are camping by the sea or a tidal stream, go for a night paddle to see the glow of the water. Vividly lit marine animals will leave a trail of glowing green or blue around and behind your watercraft when touched.

The night can also be a great time to learn about the wildlife in the area where you are camping. Watch out for bats and ear for owls when you go for a night walk or perch around a warm fire.

Although they are fun and adventurous, there are some activities that require a little extra caution. A walk in the woods at night can be beautiful and exciting, however, if you get lost, it can become dangerous.

Make sure there are people at your camp site who know where you are going and how long until you plan to return. Also, bring a flashlight, a cell phone or other communication device, and plenty of water. Emergency blankets and sleeping bags may seem like overkill, but if you get lost and the temperatures drop, you’ll be very happy to own one.

Some of the best camping spots can be found by the water and this is often due to the recreational opportunities available to you. Whether you’re near the ocean, lake, reservoir or river, put on a bathing suit and enjoy the splash. Attach a hammock to a tree and listen to the waves swaying on the beach.

And don’t panic if you don’t have a boat or other water sports equipment. Get your truck tire inner tube used and go paddleboarding in a lazy river or boogie board to the beach. Find some uniquely shaped river rocks, dry them up and paint them. They can be used for decoration at home or in your garden to remember your journey. Swimming is healthy and fun and does not require any special equipment.

If you want to try some water sports but don’t have the equipment, ask your camp office or search online for local stores that rent boats, kayaks, paddle boards, or kayaks. There may be local companies that take you on guided tours or help you learn a sport with private or group lessons.

Whether you’re looking to add a new water sport to your repertoire, or you’re into gear-free recreation, try some of these great camping activities on your next trip.

  • kayaking
  • rowing
  • boats
  • fishing
  • rowing
  • rock jumping
  • boogie boarding
  • swimming
  • browse
  • pipe
  • Searching for seashells and sand dollars
  • Find and draw river rocks
  • Make a rope swing
  • white water rafting
  • Watch the sunrise/sunset

brrr…so you want to go camping in the winter.

Winter camping is not for everyone. It takes boldness and resilience to withstand those cold temperatures. But humans have done this for thousands of years. With the right equipment, clothing, and some really fun activities to keep you occupied, winter camping can be an exciting and fun adventure.

Take advantage of the snow and ice and take up a new hobby like snowshoeing or cross-country skiing. No snow in your area despite the freezing temperatures? No problem. If you are near a frozen lake for the winter, try ice fishing.

Winter hiking can be especially nice without snow. With all the leaves from the trees and the dry air, you’ll be able to see farther than any peak you climb. Look for animal signs along the way like tracks.

Keep your mind off the cold with these fun camping activities to try all winter long.

  • cross country skiing
  • Make an igloo
  • Ski boots
  • ice fishing
  • Winter hiking
  • Hockey / Ice Skating
  • Make a snow slide
  • Look for traces of animals in the snow
  • Ski
  • Snowball war
  • Dog carts
  • make snowmen
  • Snowboarding

Games are the hallmark of family fun. They can often bridge large age gaps and bring even the most isolated teens into the group. If you have a large group, start the Assassins game at the beginning of your journey and let the fun last for days. If you’re looking for a more comfortable game that doesn’t take you far from your chair or campfire, try a yard game like corn pit or horseshoes.

Mystery games like Murder in the Dark and Mafia are a great option when you’re sitting around a campfire at night. No cards or table needed and the darkness and night noise will help make the game more mysterious.

Whether you have a large group or just a few friends, here is a list of games to keep everyone entertained.

It’s raining again! No campfire, wet chairs, wet clothes. But the fun doesn’t have to end there. After you’ve piled into your tent to escape the downpour, it’s time to do a whole new set of activities that will keep you occupied until the rain subsides.

Cards are always a favorite activity for family fun. Learn a new game like Spite and Malice or try an old favorite like Go Fish. Tired of one game? Move on to the next or try to learn some card tricks. You can use YouTube videos for instructions.

Crafting is another great option when you’re stuck indoors. Learn how to make friendship bracelets or ropes. Make some progress along the knitting project or across stitches.

Coloring, for both children and adults, can be a calming and consuming activity.

For kids, LEGOs can be a great way to keep them occupied in a small space for at least a little while. Bring a box or two of new Legos (the more complex the better, while still age-appropriate) and ask them to help you put them together.

Here are some of our favorite activities to avoid boredom while waiting for the clouds.

  • Cards (Rummy, Gin Rummy, Kings Corners, etc.)
  • board games
  • Storytelling
  • Banana gram
  • Backgammon
  • read a book
  • coloring
  • lego
  • Knitting (knitting, knitting, etc.)

Sometimes it is difficult to find time for families to spend time with working parents and children at school. Camping is the perfect trip to encourage plenty of family time.

One simple activity that can get your family to work and play together is to learn to identify plants and animals. Give the kids some flora and fauna books and go for a walk or walk. See how many they can identify and highlight the things they want to know more about later. It is a great way to make children more familiar with nature and teach them how to supervise.

Looking to put together a more detailed game during your trip? Try inventing the “Camping Olympics” challenge. Family members compete in different events. You can make medals and trophies out of string and materials you find around the camp, such as oak hats, leaves, and stones.

Try filming your entire trip, and document everything that happens from the time you leave to the time you get home. When you come back, use the video editing app to create a title, fade, and theme music. Do you have a teen who isn’t interested in getting involved? Ask them to do the shooting and editing.

  • Camping Olympics
  • Learn/Practice Some Survival Skills
  • Building a lean-to . system
  • Identification / animal prints
  • Learn to tie the knot
  • campfire building
  • Learn/play music (guitar, harmonica)
  • Make a video

Whether you’re looking for some fun options for a big group of friends or some camp games for your kids, this list has plenty for you to enjoy. No matter where you are camping or the current season, you can always find plenty of camping activities to keep you occupied, active and entertained.

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